Mahdi Zarghami, Tufts University (website)

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My interest field is water resources management with special topic of water governance. As associate professor of the University of Tabriz (Iran) now I am visiting Tufts University. I graduated PhD from Sharif University of Technology, Iran on Water Resources Planning and Management, 2007.

The case now I am doing research on it at the Tufts Institute of the Environment is how to save the lakes in arid regions. Rapid urbanization and climate change along with ongoing agricultural and industrial water demands are threatening all water resources including the lakes. When these systems are healthy, they provide valuable ecological and socio-economical benefits to current and future generations. However in developing countries, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions, lakes are now subject to a high risk of drying, which will in turn result in the deterioration of water quality and the creation of wind-blown dust. The question is how to propose sustainable lake management as a solution to our water control problems.